Shutdown Scheduler

Shutdown Scheduler 2.44

Let your PC switch itself off


  • Many configuration possibilities
  • Very easy to use


  • Scheduling clock is confusing
  • Advanced features are too hidden

Not bad
Sometimes you need to leave your PC on overnight to complete a long task like defragmenting the hard drive or downloading a big-sized file. But once this job is done, why should the PC stay on a few more hours without doing anything?

Now that everyone is so concerned about environment and global warming, we should all avoid this waste of energy. And the easiest way to do so is using Shutdown Scheduler. This tool enables you to set your PC to be turned off according to several criteria, at a given time or when the computer is idle for a while. All these actions are programmed with the same clock, which is quite confusing.

The program includes also several advanced features, inexplicably hidden under the top left star on the interface. These allow you to schedule other actions and tasks.

Shutdown Scheduler is a simple way to automate basic PC tasks and save energy.

This utility allows you to automate shutting the system down or closing specified applications. It is also able to break a modem connection, restart or hibernate the system or even put it to standby mode.

Many options make the program highly customizable for your particular needs, for example, condition under which the program will perform specified action:

  • at given time
  • after specified period elapses
  • after the computer is idle for specified amount of time
  • when specified application is closed

You can even combine the conditions and whichever occurs first, triggers the action. Despite the number of options, the program is really easy to use.

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Shutdown Scheduler


Shutdown Scheduler 2.44

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